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Use JCalendar to display a calendar and select month, year, and other dates: display a calendar for single or multiple dates, open dialog boxes to modify the dates, add custom dates, or select dates automatically from a saved file. Useful links: Google Code Download JCalendar. The configuration of the application : This body care is for your hair in general. My mum has very oily hair and, when it's not in good condition, it is extremely difficult to control. This body care shampoo is much more oil-like so my mum can easily manage her hair while on holiday. Whether it's in Sydney, Istanbul or Singapore, I can tell my mum her hair is in good condition, simply because of this product. It is made to be much more powerful than regular body care. The conditioner is particularly 'oil-y' which softens hair, leaving it looking much healthier and less damaged. The body care is designed to be effective on its own. My hair needs a lot of TLC. I try and keep it clean and moisturised as much as possible to keep breakage at bay. I usually wash it in the shower but this product makes it so much easier. I love the smell of this body care, it's gentle and smells lovely. The lack of added fragrances in the body care make it an easy way to wear. It's just enough to give you a fresh feeling, not overpowering. It can even work as a perfume for those that don't like the smell of perfumes. I've never had a problem with my hair while overseas. In fact, I only leave it longer because of it! I have a great hair day in some countries, some countries I have to explain to my mother how my hair is looking. My hair looks incredibly soft after using this body care, I can even get away with using it as a natural hair conditioner. Not many body care products have such a mild effect on my hair but this one does. Claire JF Took 1 star off of this review as I found there was a dip in its performance after a couple of weeks. Could be I didn't use it as often. But compared to other body washes I've used from the Body Shop, its performance was definitely not compromised. The Body Shop Products I Like The products I buy from The Body Shop a5204a7ec7

JCalendar is the java GUI for Calendar. You can specify the current Date, the start date, and end date. It can also display all the upcoming days and the current time and date. It can also display an extra Week view, which shows the whole week and not just the date. The extra Week view can have a different border. This project is for demonstration or usage of swing components: I do not recommand you to modify it. JCalendar v3.0 full source code A: The android Calendar widget also offers a week view, but it doesn't show time so the days and weeks you see in it aren't arranged according to the calendar, but according to the information that the Android OS has about the week. For example, here is the week range for March 2013, at 10:00 am: As you can see, Thursday is the first day of the week, not Tuesday. As Android's Calendar widget is drawn with a bitmap, I also looked at how to draw a calendar, which includes showing the current week as a button. A common form of getting a handy, inexpensive and reliable vehicle has been to employ a pickup truck. These have gained wide use, not only because of their extreme versatility, but because of their capability to transport great loads; but inherent in the design of these vehicles, especially in a pickup truck, is that they have a high center of gravity as well as a tendency to roll over, especially when loaded down. In order to solve the problem of the high center of gravity and the tendency to roll over, sport and commercial trucks have been designed with low centers of gravity. A valuable form of such an approach is described in U.S. Pat. No. 3,477,699. Here a cast light truck frame is secured to a passenger car frame by the use of a plurality of suspensions, and the passenger car frame is in turn suspended from a live axle secured to a drive line. A motor and various servo controls are added to the frame to make the vehicle operational. The center of gravity of the combination is set at a low point near the rear end of the passenger car frame, and the rear wheels of the motor are at or near the ground level, so that the vehicle is stable and simple to control. Another approach, using a conventional truck frame and suspension, is described in U.S. Pat. No. 2,947,974. Here

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