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Simu Aktar
11 jun 2022
In Discusiones generales
The fragmented knowledge of east scales and west claws can help you become a knower at most, and is praised by others: you know telemarketing list a lot, that's all. Only a systematic knowledge structure can teach you to think, guide you to see trends, and guide you to act. So, how to build a body of knowledge? It is like building a building, the telemarketing list knowledge system is a building. First of all you have to have enough building materials - all kinds of knowledge points. Then you have to organize these telemarketing list scattered and rich knowledge points into an organic and orderly structure - tacit knowledge, telemarketing list which is like construction drawings and instructions for use that are invisible to ordinary people behind the building. Before collecting knowledge points and building structures, you have to lay the telemarketing list foundation of the building—meta-knowledge. We use such a pyramid model to build our own knowledge system building. Wang Guowei said in "The Words of telemarketing list the World" that in ancient and modern times, those who achieve great undertakings and ask great questions must pass through three realms: "Last night the west wind withered the green trees, telemarketing list independent high-rise buildings, looking to the end of the world." This is also the first realm.
Telemarketing List Build a Body of Knowledge
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Simu Aktar

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